Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beauty and the Juli

I have been seeing a lot of yummy recipes on pinterest lately. I refused to let those recipes to go into the wrinkle in my brain that is reserved for "one days" and scurried it in to the "do it" section.  Now what I consider really yummy isn't necessarily what the hubster is daydreaming about on his commute home. Therefore there has been some modifying. Can you guess who ate what? I'll give you a hint...his is the beauty...that I am currently daydreaming about.
Panini vs. Zucchini Panini

Extra spicy Ginger Snappers vs. Breakfast "cookies"

Pizza vs. Cauliflower crust Pizza
Honestly I LOVED my versions...but don't get me wrong I did sneak a couple bites of those beauties :)

Checkout the two recipes I used:

I also made this recipe {Mexican twice baked Yams} and left out the cream cheese & butter & a lot of the sour cream in both versions and left off the cheese on mine. Really, really good!!!

I hope you try these recipes and love them as much as me :)


Jessica said...

Wow, you're so nice - I woulda made him eat the cauliflower flour ;-)

Juliana said...

Now that I know how good the cauliflower crust is I will make him eat it next time :) Oh and don't get me wrong, it was pre-made pizza dough from Olivers.