Saturday, May 19, 2012

How's 30 for you? Juli

Ok, we are almost halfway through the year people. I think its about time we confess how our lists are going. Justine is busting through those cupcakes...I mean her list. But what about the other "J"...May we have an update? I went through the archives and realized there are so many of you out there working on your lists...but can you share your progress? What have you accomplished? What plans have been made? Which ones are you dreading? {gulp...a movie alone still awaits me} Are there any challenges that us J's can help you with? I am pretty sure I can help Justine with the cupcake issue....

Here's how my list is going:

1. Sew a dress
2. Take a class {pioneer school - August} 
3. Get a facial
4. Apply for a job I don’t think I am qualified for
5. Make a roast beef dinner {purchased - in freezer}
6. Host a crafting party
7. Make a lampshade with mom
8. Test drive a mini cooper {Sunday!!!!}
9. Run a race
10. Go to a movie alone {Gulp}
11. Try acupuncture
12. Get a massage
13. Read a book {confessions...I don't like to read}
14. Do a photography day trip
15. Buy a vintage typewriter
16. Go to an ugly sweater party
17. Make a short film featuring Kit with a mustache
18. Enter a writing contest
19. Submit Lola’s picture to the PD {I have the info...just need to narrow down 5000 pictures to find the best}
20. Enter a recipe to sunset magazine
21. Watch Gone with the Wind
22. Go to a concert {Avett Brothers & Les Mis this summer!!}
23. Have a camp out
24. Hike part of the pacific rim trail
25. Get fit {gettin there...}
26. Grow my hair out {slowly but surely...}
27. Learn and memorize greetings in different languages {Hola, Aloha}
28. Have a picnic
29. See the mavericks surf competition
30. Successfully drive a stick shift

Please email us a story of your progress so that we can cheer you on!!! Oh by the way I am crossing off #8 on Sunday....Wooohoooooo!!!!!!!


Mirjam de Rijk said...

Goedenmorgen Julie,
Your list has changed: there used to be 'run 10k'. Nowit's changed to run a race only ;)

Anonymous said...

ok i just send an email

Juliana said...

@ mirjam - i think someone may have put run a 10k, but it wasnt me :) i left "run a race" vague on purpose, but you are right i should run a 10k :)

Ruthie said...

OK Juli, You have already so generously helped me cross one off of my list. So here is a way you can cross off up to 4 of yours! So you can come visit us, hike the pacific crest trial(#24), come back have a camp out in our backyard with our boys (#23). Then wake up, I will hand you a picnic lunch and you can set out for a photography day trip in our beautiful mountain area filled with creeks, rivers and lakes. (#28 and #14)
Really you are always welcome. Come by yourselves or when Justine comes up so that she can stay longer!!
Juli you are really doing great on your list. Reminds me that I have to really start hitting mine hard.

Mirjam said...

You are right, it was Jessica ;)

Lindsay said...

So I am doing pretty well with my list....(
but I expected that the pre-baby list would be much more achievable than the post-baby list so it might be downhill from here! haha Glad to see everyone else is plugging away nicely at their lists! We still have lots of time right? And Juli....your list seems to have quite a few left that are perfect for sunny weather, so I am sure you will check lots more off this summer!! Good luck everyone :)