Monday, May 14, 2012

Things he does for Jessica

Sometimes I think being married to one of us sisters could be tough.  I should speak only for myself, but I've seen my brother in laws and husband look at each other with a sympathetic look like "I know how you feel, I'm dealing with a younger/older version of what you've got...and it's not easy".

We seem so friendly, don't we?

I thought I'd write a post about some of the things my husband does for me that I take for granted and don't show enough appreciation for.

#1 - He takes care of paying all the bills so that I can avoid hyperventilating.  Up til a very short while ago, I didn't know how much our mortgage payment is.  When I go to the bank to make a deposit and they ask "would you like your balance on the receipt?" I say no and I crumple up the receipt in case they've accidentally forgotten because just looking at the balance can get me all frazzled and then I'm hyperventilating.

#2 - He takes care of gathering all my books together for me and carries them to the meeting.  That's a job in itself because I like to leave my study books strewn about from one end of the house to the other.  When we get to the meeting I sit down and put my hands out like a little princess and he pulls out my books and gives them to me.

#3 - He makes all of our electronic devices work.  When something stops working, I don't even try to fix it I just wait for him to come home to do it.  He tries to give me "how to tutorials" and I pretend to pay attention but I don't.

#4 - He knows that my attention span is so short that I can barely tolerate standing at the gas pump to fill up the entire tank.  It annoys him that the tank is almost always nearly on empty when he gets in because of that, but he doesn't tell me how annoying it is anymore, he just goes and fills it up.  I appreciate that.

#5 - And to wrap it up - I appreciate that no matter what my present project is, he participates and shows interest in it until it's over.  Except when I was all excited about photography and I took 10 billion pictures of him and he wanted me to go away.  I can be annoying.  



(Being Patient)

(Sick of it)


Rachel said...

this is great! I need to think about what I'm indulged in that has completely become expected and has gone unappreciated for awhile. Thank you! And... hats off to your dear husband for his tolerance, indulgence and patience!

; )

Justine said...

Spoiled! ;-)

Becky said...

Ya, wow... you are spoiled!!! lol... husbands really do things that are so good to us wives, don't they? I enjoyed this because it reminded me to think about those sweet things that mine does. Cute :)

Juliana said...

Thats wierd, I do what zack the bills, teach Kit how to use the computer, and carry my own books. I do absolutely detest filling up at the gas station but sometimes I have to do it myself :( Some things Kit does do is...pick up dog poo, does all the dishes 90% of the time, moves the wash to the dryer & dried clothes to the dumping zone {it used to really hurt my I just take advantage of it :} And the cherry on top is when he tucks me in and kisses my cheek when he leaves for work. Best part of my day...when he's leaving :) Jk Bubba...Love you!

jbbode said...

Awe, Zacky Poo loves you! (Killer beard by the way...what is that? Like two days?)

Jessica said...

i can't remember why he was so scruffy. this was taken right in the middle of my neverending sick time so maybe we were both in the depths of depression.