Sunday, August 19, 2012

#28 Have a Juli

Hi ya'all! I am sorry that I have been a little non existent for a while but here I am! I have been busy proudly crossing off things and making plans to cross off more. I have neglected to share with you all my adventures, so I will be playing a little catch up in the next few posts...

Back when we went to Quincy to visit our family and hike the pacific crest trail I crossed off two more additional things, one of which was #28 - have a picnic. The most wonderful thing was that I didn't coordinate a picnic but we were the guests of Joe and Ruthie's hospitality as they wined and dined us through their quant mountain town. They packed up a delicious picnic and took us deep into the mountains, which involved a little four wheeling, a lot of dust, and some great tunes. We jostled up to Thomas Lake where Ruthie spread a perfect picnic lunch. It was complete with a blanket and basket under a great big tree. The food was wonderful, but even better than that was the breathtaking view and the company. When I was thinking of planning a picnic I was concentrated on what were to eat and what were to drink {typical Troup girl problem} but really the best part of the picnic is where you are and who you are with. So thank you Wilson Family for the wonderful picnic! EVERYDAY I wish I was there!!!!

I hope to incorporate more picnics into my life and I hope you do too! And don't forget, its not the food {although that is a major bonus} but it's who you are with :)


Becky said...

What an amazing place to have a picnic, Juli! I have really started to enjoy picnics, and want to have more of them as well, they are so enjoyable, like a mini getaway!

Anonymous said...

never been on a picnic, look great spot for one and u get to see all of Jeh. works to