Thursday, September 20, 2012

Do you like Horses? Jessica

There used to be someone we knew who didn't have all her screws tightened up and she would call the house sometimes just to chat.  Zack would try and unload her to me..."Jessica is right here, did you want to talk to her?" but noo...sometimes she would just want to chat with him.  One day, the conversation went like this.

Her: Do you like cats?
Him: No.
Her: Do you like dogs?
Him: No.
Her: Do you like bunnies?
Him: No.
Her: Do you like horses?
Him: Ummm yeah.  Horses are okay.

So sometimes, every once in a while, out of the blue, we ask each other: Do you like horses?

Anya loves horses.  And then I took her on a Pony Adventure at the Mark West Stables in Santa Rosa and she thinks that maybe she doesn't love horses as much as she thought.  Why?  Horse stables have a lot of poop on the ground which means lots of flies.  They also had the kids mix up the horses wheat germ food and water with their hands (the other kids thought that was cool) but it grossed Anya out.

The actual horse back riding was fun, but I think she would only really get into horse back riding if she was a rich little girl who had a stable hand to shoo away the flies and an unlimited allowance for super cute riding boots that matched her little equestrian blazer.  She might be okay with doing the fun stuff like brushing the horse and decorating the harness with flowers before taking it on a leisurely little walk around a manicured rose garden but anything other than that might be pushing it.

All joking aside, the Pony Adventure at the Mark West Stables is an awesome experience.  It was 2 hours of brushing, petting, feeding, walking and riding all for the Groupon price of $15!  But it's only $30 without a Groupon and it's totally worth that price.

29. Take Anya horseback riding.


Rachel said...

Well, poop, flies, gross stuff aside, she sure looks cute on a horse. But...I'm right there with her. If only ...

Becky said...

She is so cute, I think I just may be the same kinda girl as well :) Horses are amazing, sounds like a great experience and wow... what an awesome price!

Jessica said...

Becky, I should have Anya come see your kittens one day...and you could show her some realistic things you have to do as a pet owner...she wants to be a vet and doesn't believe me that it will entail some gross things needing to be done.

Anonymous said...

ooh ooh! I have a friend who is a Registered Vet Tech. I will ask if we can show our sweet lil Anya around the vet clinic! Horses are such beautiful creatures. I want a ranch in the New Order, now I'll add a pleasant little rose garden for Anya to come walk my ponies around in -Got your back Anya!


Becky said...

Gross is right. Yes, she can totally be my little kitten trainee for a day! I actually wanted to be a vet too, now I'm so glad I didn't... I can't believe all the things they have to do. Caring for the animals is very important though, so bless their hearts! I will let you know when I get more, right now I don't have any :)

Jessica said...

We will have to do a vet clinic field trip one day!

Jessica said...

@Becky - yes! besides the kittens, we need to meet in real life anyhow :)

Becky said...

Hahaha!, No kidding! :)

Anonymous said...

hm im wth Becky and Rachel one this one