Friday, March 15, 2013

Taco Truck Jessica

Ian and I ate 6 tacos in search of the best taco in town.  Anya and Zack stayed home and juiced a pile of veggies.  Her response to the invitation to join the Taco Truck Tromp was "I will feel so sick if I eat that many tacos" and then looked at us like we should feel sick for even wanting to eat that many tacos. And just to clarify - we felt full, but we did not at any point feel sick.

Here were the rules.  We ordered una {1} carne asada taco and ate whatever came with that taco.

And to clarify, we ordered {1} taco ONLY, so we technically only ate 3 tacos each.  That doesn't sound so bad put that way, now does it?

Here's our picks for the best taco in Healdsburg.

#1 - Taqueria Guadalajara (the place across from McDonalds)
#2 - Taqueria Guanajuato (the taco truck on the way to the dump)
#3 - Lola's (the Mexican market near Fincher's)
#4 - Taco Truck X (the taco truck on Lytton)
#5 - El Sombrero (the one across from Oakville)
#6 - Taco Grande (the one no one goes to next to CVS)

Any surprises?  I was surprised too.  I went into it thinking the best one would be from the taco truck on Lytton Springs, which we named Taco Truck X.  I didn't expect Lola's to be as good as it was.  I hoped Taco Grande was a hidden treasure that was ready to be unveiled.

P.S.  - This day, more than any other day in my life, is the day I should have worn my "I don't speak Spanish" sticker.  There were many disappointed conversations when I responded back all gringo like.

Here's more detail:

Taqueria Guadelajara was actually Ian's #1 pick and my #2.  It was a great medium spiced taco with a perfect ratio of filling to tortilla.  The taco had (2) corn tortillas, carne asada, cilantro, onions and a hot red sauce.  I felt the carne asada could have been a little crisper and did have some chewy bites.  It was on the pricy end of the tacos we tried, but it also came with chips and a great spicy red salsa.  Service was slow - about 8 minutes to get our taco. Price - $2.69


Taqueria Guanajuato is the little taco truck that you see near the turnoff to Hwy 128.  There is a little seating area, a table that seats four.  Ian's first word when we got the taco was: "teeny".  I felt like there could have been a tiny bit more meat in ratio to the tortillas. Quit complaining, Jessica - it was only $1.50.  The taco came with the standard (2) corn tortillas, carne asada, cilantro, onions and a hot red sauce.  Sliced radishes as well.  Ian felt there was too much onion.  I thought the tortillas were excellent.  It arrived about 2 minutes after we ordered and was piping hot, we had to wait a bit to pick it up.  Service was excellent and we felt so comfortable sitting on the side of the road eating that taco.  Price - $1.50

Lola's Market.  This was our last stop of the day and Ian did not want to go here for some reason.  I still haven't figured it out.  I'm glad I forced him because it was the surprise of the day.  The (2) corn tortilla taco came with carne asada, cilantro, onions and your choice of rojo or verde sauce.  I chose rojo and it was dark and rich and smoky.  The carne asada had nice crispy charred bits, and there was no fat anywhere to be found.  The taco was pretty hefty with quite a bit of filling (maybe even too much) in ratio to tortilla.  Service was okay, I had to wait for someone to look at me to get my order placed and then had to wait in a longish line to pay, and then my to go box got all sloshed around so my taco was dismantled.  Price - $2.59


Taco Truck X didn't have a prominent sign with it's name but after a little investigation I learned it is really named Los Plebes Taco Truck.  It's located near the Lytton Springs exit.  I've been here quite a few times and I thought it would be numero uno.  It's a good taco, though, for sure.  Ian let out a big "mmmmm" at his first bite.  But then we looked at each other and at the same time said: "SALTY!".  So so so salty.  It's a very mild taco, not much heat.  This was also in the minority in that we got (1) corn tortilla along with the carne asada, cilantro, onions and red  &hot sauce.  I felt the carne asada was a little on the fatty and chewy side.  I love the grilled onions pepper on the side.  The service was fine - I didn't feel as comfortable on the side of the road as I did over at Guanajuato as there is no seating area, no garbage can and they really wish I could speak Spanish and I disappoint them every time.  Price - $1.50


El Sombrero.  This is one of our go to spots so we weren't expecting any surprises.  We got chips, but only the chunky salsa - you think that's because we only ordered one taco?  Who knows.  The taco had 2 corn tortillas, carne asada, cilantro, onions and hot sauce.  Lots of filling - maybe even too much.  the meat had a nice char on the edges and nice crispy fried bits.  Service was slow, slow, slow - but when we finally got the taco it was so hot we had to wait to let it cool before eating it.  We decided the temperature made it taste better than it was.  $2.50


Taco Grande.  The worst taco in town.  We now know why no one ever goes here.  Inside it was devoid of people.  It also seemed dark and kinda gloomy.  Service was quick and efficient.  Taco was no bueno.  One corn tortilla that got all soggy and wet from the chunky cold tomato salsa that was poured over the cold and chewy carne asada, cilantro and onions.  The hot sauce wasn't hot and just tasted like nothing.  Blech.  Ian thought that a schoolmate's family owned the restaurant and he said "I'm going to tell him - DUDE - your tacos suck!" and when I gently explained that maybe that wasn't the kindest thing to say, he replied "Don't you think they would want to know so they could IMPROVE?"  Thankfully, the schoolmate's family owned Taqueria Guadelejara and Ian did not get punched in the face.    Price - $2.99


What's your thoughts on the best taco in town?

P.S. - the next night we ate at El Farolito and had a taco there.  It was hard to compare on a totally different day, but we feel it came in after the Taco Truck X, before El Sombrero.  


jboudreau said...

I was goon a ask about el farlito, it used to be our fav but has changed hands. We now visit some place in Windsor with the original owners. Has our fav chilie Colorado. I think it called scorros? In round table shopping center. Yum

Jessica said...

Hey Jess. Yeah El Farolito isn't my most favorite pick for Mexican, but the owner used to be our neighbor so he treats us well. It's always quick, the kids know what they like. We also didn't review Agave, the place in the Safeway shopping center. Kinda forgot about that place. I'll have to check out Socorros!!!

Alakai's Place said...

AAAAAhhhhhhh! *DROOL!*

CoriLynn said...

I have an obsession with tacos, so my stomach is now seriously growling! ;) I have heard the taco truck next to Sams for Play is amazing...

Justine said...

I've always avoided the truck that comes by our shop at 12:00 but Joel got tacos there the other day and I had a bite. Really good if for some reason you are by there right at noon and need a quick lunch.

Megan Serrano said...

Well I was happy to hear that Guadalajara had the best taco!! I have been trying to convince people of its superiority over el som (name changed to protect the overpriced and under flavored).

Jessica said...

Megan, I like the rice and beans at el som. Also their chunky salsa. Other than that...meh. Why do we keep going there?????

Megan Serrano said...

I have to agree with you about el som's rice, beans and chunky salsa. We still will order a big tub of that stuff from time to time - its great with fish tacos!! (anyone know of a great fish taco out there?)