Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kids, Pigs n Jelly....by Jessica

My friend asked me why there's been no new posts.  No excuses, just uninspired I suppose.

A funny thing.  My kids made a game called The Family Game.  You pull cards out of a bag that tell you how many spaces to move.  Some of the cards read things like: 

Mom spanked you - Move backwards 4 spaces.
Mom's in a bad mood - Move backwards 3 spaces.
Car broke down - Move backwards 2 spaces.
Ian gave you a wedgie - Move backwards 3 spaces.

We did have to move forward at some point to get the game finished: 

Mom and Dad kiss - Move forward 5 spaces.
Anya gets a puppy!  Ian gets a turtle! - Move forward 10 spaces.
Dad brings home ice cream - Move forward 3 spaces.
Family Night! - Move forward 4 spaces.

The whole thing was pretty cute.  But they had far more move backward cards then move forward so it was quite a long game.

Let's see, what else can I tell you?  Not much else except I went on a walk and I saw "my" plum tree has quite a bit of fruit and several cherry trees that I didn't spot last year.  It's going to be jam making season very soon.

Sorry mom and dad, no peaches on "my" tree AT ALL.  I think the tree is dead.  {Leaf curl is my uneducated diagnosis}.

Zack is up rummaging through looking for some tougher allergy meds {has everyone else been itchy, runny nosed and sneezing as well?} so I'm done for now.  

I'll leave you with some delicious food pics from the Cochon 555 event that I worked a few weekends ago. 
***Lots of pigs were harmed during this event.  Please don't proceed with viewing the photos if that statement alarmed you***


CoriLynn said...

Well for being uninspired, this was pretty great!! ;) I love the pics! Does that make me a horrible person?? Maybe all these wretched allergies are getting you down? And yes, everyone round here has been MISERABLE! I want to gouge my itchy ear out while writing this!!! AAAHHH!! ;)

Jessica said...

I made sure to get front row viewing for when they hacked up the little piggy, does that make me a horrible person too? ;) It's weird how the sight of the head doesn't bother me one teeny tiny little bit. It's just like - oh there's the head of the delicious stuff I'm eating. Awful. Awful.
It's weird, I had horrible allergies, but then when I got married mine stopped and Zack who never had allergies got them. Really nice for me :) When's Italy?

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

I'm going to make myself a jar of bacon. Right. Now.

Jessica said...

Yes. Bacon. Jars and jars of bacon.

CoriLynn said...

Italy is in two weeks! Eek!!! So not ready for it! Can I give you back allergies and get rid of mine??
Jonah looked at the pig picture and said he was going to have nightmares filled with pigs, but at least they would include bacon! Ha!

Jessica said...

Two weeks! Awesome! Tell Jonah I hope he only had delicious nightmares :)