Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Juli

I bid farewell to our first month with great happiness and satisfaction. There was no kicking, screaming, tantrum throwing or big crocodile tears. Surprisingly very few little temptations jumped in front of me, trying to throw me off the path of do goodness. I did have to stop myself two vivid times from buying new:

(1) I almost bought a good gossipy magazine sharing who wears it best and look who is dating who and all the other typical hollywood gossip.
(2) When buying Lola's dog food I perused the dog toy area thinking Lola would enjoy a new squeeker or puppy football.

Obviously Lola didn't need a new toy, but I really had to think about the magazine....hmmm, I asked myself, "Self, is this magazine consumable? Necessary for my well being?" No, not really. All in all, I feel that if you don't go into stores with new things, it is very likely that you will not buy anything new! As for the meals, I have 13 down and 136 to go! We have eaten a few winners and a few never doing againers. Have I saved money you may ask? No, I don't think I have, because I am grocery shopping on a regular basis....but I have to admit it is nice to have food in the fringe!! There is one confession I have to make to you all, in order to start February with a clean conscience. I have yet to buy a reusable coffee mug, so all of my coffee trips have made me a contributer to throwing valuable paper resources in the circular file (which were really only 2 or 3). Please forgive me......I promise to be good in February.

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