Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just the kind of club I'd Jessica

Who would have thought joining the Sonoma County Meat Buyers Club would be so exciting? I've been anticipating this box of meat for quite a while now, it's like when you order a pair of shoes and you just can't wait to get them or you've got tickets to a great game and you're just so excited. I don't get too excited at those things, but I'm trying to appeal to all of you and have you see just how I feel about this box of meat.
Pickup location is the Relish Culinary Adventure in Healdsburg. There was a truck with an awning set up and two shivering people doling out the meat. I told them who I was and she got my box, "So we've got a 15 pound box with ground beef, top sirloin, lamb shoulder chops, lamb some kind of cut, goat something, goat something and a chicken." And I was internally freaking out! GOAT??? All I could think was, Ian will never eat stringy goat stew, I can't get stuck with 5 pounds of goat. Anyhow, I spoke up and it got all straightened away and I ended up with:
Ground Beef - 3.3 lbs.
Short Ribs - 3.5 lbs.
Top Sirloin Steak - 2 lbs.
Pork Chops - 2.3 lbs.
Ground Pork - 1.5 lbs.
Lamb Shoulder Chops - 2.4 lbs.
I came home and weighed the box and the total box weighed 14.8 pounds. Not that I'm that concerned about it or anything, but I just wanted to know. If I'm consistently underweight, I want a free steak at the end of the year, that's all.
Some good looking meat for some recipes out of my cookbook! Which by the way, J&J...we better get cracking, the month of January is almost over!!


Justine, Jessica & Juliana said...

The beef came from Rick Olufs Farm in Windsor, lamb from Don Gilardi of Red Hill Farm in Pataluma, pork from Ben Terry pork producer in Santa Rosa. All of the meat is local, organically fed, raised free of antibiotics and hormones and the animals get to roam around and graze. ...Jessica

marlkawahata said...

Do you have a freezer to store the meat?
This project is way cool. How innovative you all are.
Good luck on the new stuff fast.

Justine, Jessica & Juliana said...

Well, between all that squid and this meat my freezer is really really packed. We took out the ice tray for now. Jessica