Thursday, January 7, 2010

"New" Pink Jessica

I'm not a big umbrella fan. I think they are annoying, wet & drippy. I think they are okay if you need to stand in the pouring rain for more than 5 minutes, but if you need to walk or move or get into a car, it just seems like more work than it's worth.

Anya, on the other hand, seems to need an umbrella at the hint of the lightest mist of an early morning fog. Her umbrella from last year was broken; used as a shovel and a rock mover during the summer's front yard excavation project (started, maintained & not completed by the kids). She's been asking for a new one for weeks now and I finally found this pink beast at the thrift.

1 comment:

bobby thomas said...

ditto im not a fan of umbrella my self, and i dont have one