Friday, January 22, 2010

The New & (Slightly) Improved Jessica

I am a person who should never use the oven. I don't know if it's my short attention span or my tendency to get easily distracted, but I'm always burning stuff. Last Saturday I decided to make nachos for the kids....chips and cheese in the oven, set the broiler on high and walked away. Threw a load of laundry in, checked my email, came downstairs, sat on the couch. Sniff, sniff....went in the kitchen and WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!! Smoke billowing out of my oven and filling up the kitchen and my cookie tray looking like this!

So I threw the tray outside on my back porch and took care of the smoke situation. Once that was all cleared out, I took my tray and started chiseling away at it. It was REALLY caked on; the old me would have just marched that tray to the outside garbage can and never looked back. The new and improved me left the tray on the back porch for 6 days (yep you heard right) 6 rainy days on my back porch. And my procrastination paid off, the chips just slid right off into the garbage tray doesn't look as good as new BUT it will last me another 11 months.

These are some crackers I made on the cleaned up tray. They actually turned out tasty; this is the batch that turned out, the other guessed it......burned in the oven.

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bobby thomas said...

the top photo is some thing i do all the time
that be why i go out to eat