Monday, February 15, 2010

Beef Justine

So I have to admit I've only watched Jamie Oliver on tv once or twice but glancing through his cookbook I knew I would enjoy his food. I'm sure you've noticed my complaint that his recipes are so wordy. I mean, to make a salad, do you really need to say "Click the leaves off, discarding any limp or discolored outer ones. Wash the leaves and spin them dry". That all seems pretty obvious (except the "click" part - must be british). Does this explain why I don't include a recipe on most of my posts? I understand it's not just a recipe book but he's teaching people how to cook. Should I include all those little details when I post the recipe....or condense?

Anyway, my dinner Saturday night took down THREE recipes! I know, I vowed to only do one at a time so I wouldn't get overwhelmed but one was a salad, one was the dressing and the other was Beef Wellington. Salad and dressing was great but the Beef Wellington...let's just say, I'd make it again with a few adjustments. Good with potential. I think the only other time I've made Beef Wellington, it had filet mignon in the middle and this was ground beef. Can you see why I wasn't that impressed?


Jessica said...

That looks good...but yeah would be better with filet mignon! Condense those recipes down! No one needs to read how to discard lettuce leaves!

Juliana said...

Ooh...looks really good!

bobby thomas said...

that looks super good