Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sizzling Beef with Scallions and Black Bean Justine

So I'm finding that alot of the recipes I'm making are a variations of dishes I already make (Meatloaf, stirfry, Spaghetti, Shepherd's pie, chili). This presents a challenge for me because I've grown accustom to MY versions. Boy! I didn't know I was so set in my ways. Some have really paid off and I will convert to the new recipes, most I will combine the new techniques or seasonings with my tried and true recipes.

One of this month's guest blogger recipes is "Sizzling Beef with Scallions and Black Bean Sauce". I was missing cilantro and I didn't put the red chile in (kids!) so maybe my ambivalence could be skewed. Or it could be that over the years I've made ALOT of stir-frys and we've become really picky. Don't be discouraged Guest Bloggers! A little less soy sauce (it was pretty salty) and adding Thai Sweet Chile Sauce (aka in our family "Mae Ploy", Trader Joe's now sells their own version) either to the sauce or afterward and I think it would be a keeper.


Jessica said...

Was wondering how the British guys Asian recipes would be.

Justine said...

Sizzling Beef with Scallions and Black Bean Sauce
Serves 2

black pepper
1/2 pound top loin or sirloin
thumb sized piece fresh ginger
2 cloves garlic
1/2 a fresh red chile
2 scallions
small bunch fresh cilantro
2 tbls. sesame oil
peanut/vegetalbe oil
2 tbls. black bean sauce (asian section of market)
2 tbls. soy sauce (I would use 1 tbls or less next time)
2 limes

Trim excess fat from steak and slice meat into finger sized strips
Peel and finely slice the ginger and garlic
Finely slice the chile
Cut the ends off scallions and finely slice
Pick the cilantro leaves and put to one side, and finely chop the cilantro stalks
Combine sesame oil, ginger, garlic, chile, scallions, cilantro stalks and steak strips in a bowl
Preheat wok or large frying pan on high heat and once it's very hot add a good lug of veg. or peanut oil
Add all chopped ingredients from the bowl
Stir-fry for 2 minutes
Add black bean sauce and stir in 1 tbls soy sauce and juice of half of a lime
Taste and season with black pepper and a little more soy (?)

bobby thomas said...

looks good

Salli said...

I made this last night! So, good. However, the soy sauce has disappeared and had to reinvent the wheel. I added teriyaki sauce instead and it was so good. I will make this again and will try with soy sauce....well maybe!

Justine said...

Ooh teriyaki. Good idea. It would give it the sweetness that makes the thai chile sauce work too.