Sunday, February 28, 2010

J-Town Jessica

We started our weekend off with buying something NEW. Ian's feet were actually getting wet from the hole in the bottom of his shoe. New shoes were a necessity. I did try, I looked in the thrifts. Eight year old boys shoes in new condition are not common at the thrift.

We then were off to the city. Japan town holds many temptations for me. A new store opened up (Mom, J&J you won't believe it when you see it!). The only things I REALLY wanted to buy were some napkins for my dinner napkin issue, but I wasn't completely positive they were THE ones I want. We also saw the cutest mini chairs and frog that would be perfect for Juli's terrarium.

Of course, sushi at the sushi boat place. Anya promptly whisked some soybeans and mango pudding off the boats and Ian freaked out because all he kept seeing was the weird stuff. Apparently the staff was afraid the little white boy was going to have a break down and a rice only hand roll magically appeared unordered in front of him. He ate, he was happy. We ate, we were happy. If next years project is no eating sushi for a year...I'm out.


Justine said...

Oh wow! That sounded fun!! I can't wait to see that store. Yeah, Malia has holes at the bottom of her shoes too. How does that happen!?

bobby thomas said...

sushi boat place in Japan town SF i was a kid myself i know how he fills