Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello March...goodbye Justine

Whew! We made it past the Olympics! I'll tell you, I haven't sat around on the couch that much in a long time. Taking the cable box back this week and I have to say that I honestly will not miss it! Sitting around and eating cozy comfort Jamie O food could grow on me though....literally.

I made 15 recipes in the month of February (142 to go)! I don't think I blogged about them all. Some of the missing ones were Lasgna (very good and EASY!), 3 salad dressings (Yogurt, balsamic and french), Cauliflower cheese soup (kids loved it!?!) and Mega Chocolate Fudge Cake.
My most exciting "J Project" moment was finding a Michael Kors Leather purse at the Sutter Hospice thrift store in Sebastopol...for $2! Great store, they were putting new stuff out the whole time I was there. Go check it out...just save some good stuff for us :)

I can't wait to read our February Guest Blogs!


Juliana said...

Wow! You did really good! I am ashamed to say I did not cook that much! And when are we going to that thrift store?!?!? I am serious......

Justine said...

I had to make up for a slow January!