Monday, February 1, 2010

January is Over? By Jen

January is over already??? I can't believe it!!! I must admit it was much easier not to buy anything new as time kept going by. I do HAVE to buy some new walking shoes this week though so I am going to break down and do that. But I think this month has taught me that I don't need every $5 movie at the grocery store AND I can check the thrift stores first when I need something and they have some good deals! I have only 28 more days too now to meet my 100 days of no desserts and am very proud of that as well. Good luck with the rest of the year J's!!!!!


Justine said...

Good Job Jen! Thanks for supporting us.

Juliana said...

Go Jen! I think Justine and Jess decided that shoes were consumable for their children since they run through them so you will just have to pretend to be a kid! Thanks for supporting all the "J's".

Jessica said...

We want to see you back as a guest again before the year is out!!! :-)