Monday, February 1, 2010

A long, rambling Justine

Well, I managed to talk myself out of painting my living room a NEW color (requiring purchasing paint and frankly a lot more work) and dug out the existing paint color. Yay for me. Thanks to a very good friend, at the end of the afternoon I had the the satisfaction a of a freshly painted living room...only slightly dampened by the fact I bought a new roller and plastic roller pan for the project. I know! I should have held out for a used one or improvised with what I had but it was a real stretch to get it painted in the first place! In the process of hanging curtains, so pictures later!

And yes, a sheet is still hanging from my bedroom window. I'm totally up for the challenge of sewing new ones but I'm in need of some curtain lining fabric. My next step I guess should be to figure out exactly how much I need and posting a want ad on Freecycle. I've seen people receiving some pretty amazing stuff on freecycle just by requesting so you never know!

I am also looking for a 3 yards of children's print polar fleece so Malia and I can make a couple of no sew blankets to donate to the local chapter of Project Linus. They donate handmade blankets to seriously ill and needy babies and children in our local area. Blankets are also provided to parents who have lost a little one. That in itself endeared me to the project! I talked to the woman who runs the local chapter and while she doesn't currently donate blankets to hospitals specifically for parents of stillbirths, she will consider it in the future. Maybe I'll have to donate a preemie blanket or two in June. Anyway, I thought it sounded like a fun project Malia and I could do together, a good cause and well... it also qualifies as a Disney's Give a Day Get a Day project!

On a related freecycle/blanket note, I recently saw a freecycle post from someone else requesting polar fleece to make blankets for kids in Haiti. Is it just me or does that sound a little silly? Isn't the average temperature there in the 80's? Hmmm. I'll have to think about that.


Juliana said...

I love your project idea!! I want to make some blankets too! Sometimes a I see some really nice fleece plankets or fabric remnants at the goodwill, you could re-design them into a newborn friendly style.

Justine said...

We'll make a day of it. It will be fun. Any size remnants will do normally but for the Disney project it has to be new 1-1/2 yard print fleece.

Jessica said...

I will keep my eye out for fleece fabric.

Lorna said...

Justine - I have curtain liner!! I highly doubt I will get around to making curtains again. Do you still need it? I'll have to dig deep.

Justine said...

Lorna! Really?! That would be fabulous!!! Thanks for looking for me. I'll email you so I can arrange to pick it up.