Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lamb cutlets with grilled goat's cheese.... by Jessica

We like lamb grilled.

I'm happy to have discovered this because I was starting to get nervous. I just got my second meat box and included were two lamb shanks and up til now the lamb we've eaten from the club has been so....what's the word?...lamb-y. I've eaten lamb before and liked it so I couldn't figure out why we weren't enjoying it as much until tonight when we had it BBQ'd and it was oh-so-tasty.

The recipe did not call for it to be wrapped in prosciutto, but I had a package that was needing to be used and I knew it would do nothing but good by wrapping itself around some little lamb pieces. Use fresh oregano, it really makes a difference. And the goat cheese just gets so warm and soft and gooey. I'm glad the warm weather is right around the corner and I can use my BBQ more. Several years ago, I tried to see how many nights I could make dinner on the BBQ and never turn on the stove. I can't remember exactly but I think it was around 45 days of no stove usage. I was even making rice on it, I kid you not. There was no reason for the challenge, not to reduce my gas bill or to reduce my carbon footprint. It was just plain dorkiness.


Juliana said...

Anything wrapped in a bacon like substance is good!

Justine said...

I forgot what an integral part of your personality challenging yourself was. It's like the nice version of a person who is ultra competitive with other people.

bobby thomas said...

hmm never had lamb i will have to try that