Thursday, February 25, 2010

My mini indoor Juli

I just wanted to share with you all my newest obsession....little moss terrariums. 
Basically you find some moss in your neighborhood 
(mine was in a front of my neighbors house.....awkward) 
and make it into a little humid garden.
 Of course you have to have a mini clothes line too!
 It is somewhat blog related because I used a 
Crate and Barrel vase from the goodwill
and everything else was completely FREE!
(I will just have to steal the lid if I need to slow cook anything)

 Ok...I will leave with my craziness now.....
my moss terrarium is lonely...I must mow it with my mini scissors....


Jessica said...

Okay, that is the cutest thing I've ever seen. So does it keep growing in there because it's humid?

Juliana said...

Yeah, you just spritz it with water every couple of days and it stays bright green! The soil has charcoal in it to keep bacteria and smells down. I just ripped open a brita filter and sprinkled the charcoal into the soil. I really hope it stays alive!

KennaRae said...

I absolutely LOVE THAT!!! What a great Idea. I'm going to do it...soon. :)

bobby thomas said...

supper cool idea,