Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chicken with greens and spring Juli

Who would have thought that a chicken stuffed with a wilted salad mixture would taste oh so good?!?!?
First you cook the spring greens with olive oil and garlic and then you stuff
it under the slimy yucky skin of a poor little chicken. 
Then you rub herb de provence and salt and pepper all over it's carcass
and out comes melt in your mouth goodness!!!
Thanks to Jessica's tip on flattening out the dear little chicka-dee, the cook time 
and dryness is greatly reduced. I highly recommend this tip!!
I also made herb stuffed artichokes that included yummy goat cheese.
Super yummy!!!

If anyone is interested in this recipe, 
comment and I will post the recipe.

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Justine said...

Can you post the artichoke recipe?