Thursday, March 25, 2010

Best find of the year, for sure!!! Juli

My dearest of dears oldest sister Justine found the deal of the me at least! Justine bought a set of Franciscan dishes that included 7 dinner plates, 3 salad plates, 2 bowls, 2 teacups and saucers, a set of salt and pepper shakers, a creamer, a serving bowl, and a little bowl for
.....get this....ONE DOLLAR!!!

The most amazing thing is that these are collectors items and on ebay, I saw a full set that was going for $2900!!! They are the "Starburst" collection from the 1950's, totally retro. I absolutely adore them and I would have dropped a pretty penny to get these vintage retro plates in my hot little hands. 
But one dollar was a steal indeed! I only wonder if the silly lady 
at the garage sale had any idea what she was selling....too bad for her!! 

Justine also got me this cute peachy pink retro toaster! 
Smells a little funny when you are toasting, but its' so much fun to see toast pop out of this little fella! 


Jessica said...

Don't let me get my hot little hands on those dishes or I'll be listing them for sure ;-)

Amanda said...

Super cute... Atomic/Eames area finds are my favorite... but always so pricey. Where was this garage sale at?

Juliana said...

Justine got these at a garage sale in Windsor. There wasn't tons of vintage stuff, just these few things. And Jess if anything goes missing I know where to look first!!

threebodes said...

SO jealous!