Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Confession Time

Okay so Jared and I decided to do another month of not buying any thing new. It went really well. I found a couple of good finds at Goodwill and Plato's Closet. I got this really cute Tommy Hilfiger bag for service that I love!!! But, now to the part of the title to the blog. So I have a confession to make. Don't everyone die of shock but I bought a new dress. Okay Okay I know it breaks the rules but I really need a dress for one the memorial and two a wedding I am going to. The only problem is that there are nev
er any nice dresses in my size at Goodwill unless I want to look like I am back in the 80's. So I was really bad and my mom and sister convinced me to buy the dress. Any ways so I told Juli and she told me I had to confess. (It was also a gift from Jared for our anniversary so kind of like a gift too!) So here is my confession and a picture of our family before the memorial and of my dress. Lucas was not the happiest camper!!! Also the suit Jared is wearing was the new suit from Nordstroms we found last month at the Goodwill.
Other then that one slip we are finding this a lot easier then we thought it would be and I think we are going to keep going for a while. Well signing off for now!!!! Jodi


Juliana said...

Good job Jodi & Jared!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Yeah good job Jodi! It does feel nice to get a new dress *sigh*...