Wednesday, March 31, 2010

End of Month 3 of "My Year without Target"

March has come and gone! I have to admit to being a complete loser in 20 minutes of exercise a day routine. Sorry girls...I'm out of that one. I like to exercise but when I HAVE to do it everyday then its not fun for me anymore. Some days it just doesn't happen and other days I can do 45 minutes. I hate feeling guilty about that all the time.

There were a few minor errors on the shopping front. One was a dress for Malia and the problem with that is that now she "needs" some light colored spring/summer shoes to go with them! Another was when we went to Japantown and went into the $1.50 store. Personally I don't particularly care for a highly air-conditioned space and my friends and family will vouch for that but this was ridiculously hot and stuffy. So under the pressure from my hot and cranky 3 year old and really wanting some air myself, I bought her a pretty little fan. We also bought two new notebooks for meetings. I'm really proud that we went to the Westfield Shopping center and came away with just a $1.99 pencil sharpener from Sanrio...and Malia bought it, not me. Pretty good, huh? We even went into H&M - "just to look".

Just thought I'd post a few "wants" just in case anyone had a few items laying around they wanted to donate or sell or let me borrow. I posted a listing on "Freecycle" but no response.

- 3 lb hand weights
- full-length mirror (for our clothing swap!)
- countertop compost bin (hmmm....I used to have one!)



Sue said...

I want to verify that it was soooooo hot that you would do anything to get away from the heat. Yes, you would buy a fan to rescue a 3 year old. Mom

Justine said...

Thanks Mom!

Jessica said...

hmmm. was the SF air outside not cold enough? were the doors barred so you could not step outside? :-)
Just kidding, I do understand the power of a three year old.

Juliana said...

I agree on the hot-ness!! The whole mall in Japan town was boiling hot! I have never seen mom get out of the store so fast, she looked like she was having the biggest hot flash EVER!!!

Justine said...

Jes, as you can see I've got people to back me up on the fan. I bet you may even have buckled on that one. Yes, you could leave and get to fresh air but you know how enclosed that place is. You have to walk 1/2 a mile to get to get to an outside door. Okay. Enough about that! Guess what!? Someone responded to my "Freecycle" request! They have both a full length mirror AND 3 lb hand weights! We'll see if she follows through tomorrow.

Jessica said...

Is a countertop compost bin just like a bucket with a lid on it...or is it something special? Juli does good with her kitchen compost also, I need to start doing that.