Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Hardest Workout Jessica

So yesterday was the long trek to Yuba City for our one day assembly. You all know what that means; up at 5am, in the car for many hours, cranky kids, heebie jeebies on the drive home, etc. etc. That also meant that somewhere in that day I had to exercise. Ugh. This is me on the treadmill at about 8:30 pm. I did 20 minutes to the second...but I did it!

Here are some pictures of our new assembly clothes. All purchased either on ebay or the thrift store. I didn't get a picture of me, but I was wearing the Boden skirt that's pictured and a black v-neck Banana Republic sweater. Cost for our "new" outfits: Ian's pants & vest = $23 (ebay), Anya's Dress = $3.99 (thrifted), My Skirt & Sweater (thrifted) = $8.98. TOTAL = $35.97.

This was also the first time we've gone to the assembly and I didn't buy new notebooks, pens, stickers, etc. for the kids. I figure that all that stuff is consumable; entirely appropriate to purchase within the guidelines of the project but ONLY when we've run out. And you know what? It made absolutely no difference in their behavior. In fact, I think they were less distracted without new stuff to mess with.

Also included in the pics is Taylor; I had nothing to do with her outfit but it's so cute it needs to be posted.

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threebodes said...

Those late night, right before bed, I didn't have any plausible time exercises are the worst. But so are the ones where you force yourself out of your warm, comfortable bed to exercise in the morning. OH, and the ones right after you get off work. And don't forget the ones right after a long day in service and heels...
Keep up the good work!!! I'm right behind ya.