Saturday, March 13, 2010

I crossed the Juli

So today was the first day that I bought something new.....
ok, before your panties get tied in a knot, it was a gift!
 It's hard to make a homemade wedding gift that doesn't take months to make 
and doesn't look like grandma macramé'd some cheesy pot holders. 
Anyways I braved TJ Maxx and came out with nothing for myself. 
The key is to walk quickly pass the purses, clothes 
and shoes section and go to your focused destination.
As if you are a horse with your blinders. 
Don't bother perusing the clearance rack, 
because that's where you start to look for yourself. 
"Oh I have always wanted a little wooden sign 
with a cute green painted bird saying 'SING'"
Yeah that's the crap I would buy that is not necessary
...although if I see it at the goodwill I am on it like white on rice!!!

I didn't feel all that excited or exhilarated to make my purchases,
completely thrill-less. Honestly I get a better rush at the goodwill. 
Maybe I am turning a page in the book of consumerism....

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