Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lime and Coconut Rice & Soy and Spice Quick Flat Roasted Jessica

It's not fair to judge this chicken against the shoyu chicken we were raised on. It doesn't even compare and there's no need to discuss it further. Mom's way is best.

BUT the technique in the cookbook is new to me and I like it. To quickly roast a whole chicken she recommends flattening it: "Using kitchen scissors, cut along the backbone of the chicken, then press firmly on the breastbone to flatten it. Bake for 35-45 minutes." I've been known to roast a chicken, hack into it, find it still raw and have to cook it longer. Kind of ruins the ole appetite for chicken that night if you ask me. This was much quicker although when I put it on the table Zack did say, "poor little chicken"...I do have to admit it does look barbaric.

The coconut lime rice was also a hit which surprised me because it had fish sauce, mint and basil! Even Ian choked it down.

We took the training wheels off Anya's bike; she is so proud and said "put it on your computer so everyone can see". And although I didn't count this as my form of exercise for the day , I do have to say that running behind a kid, holding on to the seat of their bike is quite a workout. (and oh my ears...I had to tell her that if she wanted me to help her she had to quit squealing and screaming! Very girly!)

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Justine said...

I need to bring Malia by with her bike so she can practice on your court. She was so jealous when she hear anya took her training wheels off.