Monday, March 1, 2010

Only 10 more months to Jessica

We still have 305 days left! Good thing because I still have 151 recipes to go (I cooked 12 recipes in February). I did buy Ian new shoes, I also bought some new bamboo fragrance things for the house that are kind of blurring the lines as to whether they should have been purchased and I felt a little guilt walking out of the store with those.

This month I need to find Ian some meeting clothes, so (Mom, J&J) please keep your eyes out for any size 8 slim meeting pants. I have found myself incapable of passing up any boys meeting clothes at the thrift and have an adorable black Kenneth Cole corduroy boys blazer size 4T that I know someone out there will need and use....SO first person to post a response saying they can use it will get it sent to them!

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