Monday, March 1, 2010

Whew! February is over!

Okay!Okay! February is over! How did I do? Well that is for you to decide.
Nuthing New:
Hmmm! Well, with a little help from Juli, I have rediscovered Thrift Shopping. (Pictures from a shopping exursion to the left). I have to say I was impressed at how much I actually found. In two shopping days I bought the following: 8-books, 2-sweater dresses, 2-dress pants, 1-pair of shoes, 1-purse and a hand muff for my neice. Spending $60 total. I think I may have bought more, but cant remember. Definetly, will be thrift shopping more often.
15 Recipes:
I thought this would be so easy! Boy, was I wrong! My first few recipes almost, made me throw this project out the window. But, with a little encouragement from "the j's", i kept with it. To my astonishment, I do not have a black thumb when it comes to cooking. I just need to pay attention (stemmed not steamed)! Ended up with a few favorites: Chili Prawns, Green Curry, Acacado Radish Salad, Sizzling Beef, and many more. Yummy!
I bought a new set of sharpie pens a must for note taking, and two new shirts for Aaron. Okay, and due to being sick, I did not cook four of my recipes.
With that being said, what a great month! I may try this again! Keep up the good work J's!
So, how did I do?
Salina signing off!


Amanda said...

What stores did you go to on your excursion??

Jessica said...

Good job Salina! Thanks for the post and joining us for a month :-)

Jessica said...

and the stemmed not steamed comment made me laugh! gonna have to hear the story on that one!

Juliana said...

Good job Salina!!! Love your post! You will have to do it again, we love our guest bloggers! I loved getting random text asking what part of the fennel to use :) Oh yeah and we can go thrifting any time you want!

bobby thomas said...

good work J's!& Salina!