Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quail with Preserved Lemons & Fennel and Apricot Salad....by Juli

Hmm....quail you say?!? Well not in my version! 
I have decided for the sake of my wallet I need to improvise 
some of the ingredients in some of my recipes. 
So I used cornish game hens.
As for the preserved lemons I could not find them anywhere! 
So I just used good 'ol lemon juice. 
I have to say it was pretty good! 
On a surprising note Kit loved the fennel apricot salad, 
and I thought it was just ok. 
Oh yes, the wine, which I needed for the recipe
was labeled Quail Oak...so figured it was enough quail 
for this recipe.
Chirp-chirp peep-peep!!


Jessica said...

I see you used the "flattened out" technique for your cornish game hen :-)
Looks tasty!

Juliana said...

I sure did! I may never cook a chicken not flattened out again!

Jessica said...

me too! i especially appreciate how the juice does not gather in the cavity. that always used to kind of ick me out.