Thursday, May 20, 2010

He has turned to the dark Juli

I was on the verge of buying something brand spankin new last week. Research had been done, stores and been visited and money was save. You may ask what was so tempting to me that I almost threw all of my vows out the window?!? A Barbecue...that's right, a simple summer cooking amenity. We went without a BBQ last summer and I refuse to go through another summer without one! I tried to convince Kit it was more for him than for me so I could justify the purchase as a gift. He laughed at me ".... Ha ha ha, oh it's for me?!?" Ok, so due to the fact that I am so indecisive and hate making big purchases, we didn't buy one. But thanks to Mr. Craigslist and Mrs. Goodwill we are now proud owners of a BBQ and a charcoal starter.

I am especially proud of Kit because he called the guy on craigslist and picked it up within 15 minutes! The guy even threw in a bag of charcoal, some lighter fluid and a portable little smokey joe BBQ! Patience pays off! For $36.99 we have everything we wanted and even more without having to break my vow!

Let me just add that it makes me giggle inside and smile with pride when my husband randomly turns down a street after service or after meeting so we can check out some garage sales...without me even saying a thing! This year has changed my man.......


Jessica said...

WOW! Good Job! I can't believe Kit willingly hunts down garage sales...nice!

bobby thomas said...

supper cool buy Julie