Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Food, Plants and Juli

As you all have heard we had a "J Project" field trip to our favorite place..."The City". Us girls (Mom, Justine, Jessica, and myself) have been doing this a few times a year for as long as I can remember. We plan it for weeks, map out our stops which always seem to start with coffee and end with something sweet, with of course one or two delicacy's in between. I remember when I was little I had it planned out in my mind to run to the toy section as quickly as possible in San Rafael before that mean lady swiped all of the Barbies. Good times.

In preparation we save our quarters for the parking meters and make sure we are stocked up on our anti bacterial wipes. This most recent trip was of course even more special due to the fact that we pretty much rely on the goodwill for most of our "new" clothes. We all scored too! Lots of Anthropologie brands and fancy jeans, some comfy Dansko's and some girly dresses. And who could go wrong with Sol Food for lunch and sushi boats for  dinner?! I think we all pretty much agreed that we over indulge in the things we can buy since we are restricted in other ways. I find I relish every opportunity to stop at a garage sale or hit a local thrift shop. I also have become addicted to buying plants for my yard, and I know we all have been grocery shopping... a lot. So in answer to everyones #1 question....No I do not think I am saving money. I can't speak for my sisters, but my closet is bulging a lot more than my savings account.

All in all, our special girl trips the city to go thrifting is one of my most favorite things to do ...ever!

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Justine said...

We shouldn't wait so long....although it made it really special.