Monday, July 19, 2010

Animal, Vegetable, Jessica

One of my favorite things about this year is everyone's willingness to share their magazines and books with me. Justine has always passed magazines down to me when she's done reading them; and I really really enjoy a good stack of magazines. Maybe next years project should be a big magazine subscription rotation.

Well, inspired by such supportive girls, I would like to offer this book up for anyone who would like to read it. It's a little earthy and probably only a fun read if you're really into reading about food and where it comes from, but she's a great writer so it's worth a read. Just let me know if you want it (post a comment or text me!), and I'll get it to you! All I ask is that you pass it on to someone else who will read it when you're done!

p.s. I bought this NEW with a gift card I've had in my wallet for quite a while now!

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