Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I wish my name started with another letter...by Juli

I should probably re-introduce myself since I have practically fallen off of the blog world. My name is Juliana Fox, I am a 27 year old gal from Northern California that likes to torture herself with unpractical ideas that later I get bored of, sick of, or fail. It's nice to meet you.

Did you all think I was on an amazing vacation in some tropical paradise that didn't have internet access? 

Sorry to disappoint you, but I have been curled up in the fetal position under a black cloud, depressed and lonely. I am sick of cooking food that is gross and all I want to do is look cute in NEW clothes. I am falling out of style because everything I own is last years, last last years and last last last years styles. I look in the mirror and see myself getting closer and closer to my opportunity of stardom on "What Not to Wear".

Ok, so now would be a good time for me to confess what I did buy new......On an all girls weekend getaway to Santa Cruz temptations were in front of my eyes, on my finger tips, and practically on my feet. But you all would be proud of me! All I came home with was a basket for my bike. Do you want to hear how I am justifying it? Well my basket will broaden my ability to run errands close by or to carry a picnic...which means I am not using my car and polluting. So there...just a tiny bit of justification.

At this time I would like to tell you all the sweetest words I have heard in months. Kit Bubba (the husband) took me out to Pho Vietnam on a dreary Monday and said, "Now do you want me to buy a dress for you (for Mikey's wedding) or do you want me to get you a gift certificate from the store you want a dress at?" Kit is a diamond in the rough who apparently was worried about me being in the fetal position for the rest of my life. 

Should I take up his offer? What do you think?


Jessica said...

You are funny Juli, this post made me laugh and I had to go re-read it again for another laugh. We are all definitely cut of the same cloth.
Projects=much zeal, then fizzle.
The question is: What do YOU think about the gift cert? Go with what you feel. No one is judging here.
Just our millions of readers :-)

Justine said...

I think we forgot to say the J Project rules were to be carried out only in months starting with the letter "J". I did great in January and June....but July has been like a jubilee month :-( The combination of summer and wedding has been terrible for my resolve.

By the way, your bike was just calling out for a basket.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, I am the same way! And you should take it for sure! It would be a gift...just like Justine's dress. Just make sure you don't get the same one! :-) Nina

Juliek3 said...

My name is julianna fox. Almost the same but with two n's instead of one lmao.