Monday, July 5, 2010

June went fast! Jessica

So the month of June has passed and we passed our 6 month mark! This month was okay on the cooking; I cooked 9 recipes. That leaves me with only 54 recipes! I can totally do it!
The last recipe I cooked in June was Crispy Fish with Lemon Salsa. It was an interesting salsa with lemon, capers & parsley....but it was WAAYYY too tart. The picture showed the lemons cut into large chunks but whew it was tough to eat because of the tartness. If I'd cut the lemons a little smaller it would have been easier to eat.

The convention passed with buying nothing new and I was supposed to take pictures of each of my outfits...but they were pretty dull and uninteresting that I forgot on the last two days. I had purchased a dress (thrift store) but at the last minute I switched out of it because I would have had to not breathe for the day and I just decided it wasn't worth it. I got my hair cut though and I definitely used one of my justification lines for that one... "well. I didn't buy anything new so I am entitled to this overpriced haircut."

Okay girls, let's buckle down and get this year done with!


Juliana said...

I can't believe you only have 54 recipes left!!!

Jessica said...

Eliminating all the variations really cut down on my recipe list! How many do you have left to do?