Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New found Juli

I always feel like the district convention is such a special event that we get to look forward to every summer. You get to stay at a hotel and eat out and usually buy some new outfits. I am proud to say that I had a completely used convention this year! I saved up a few of my thrifting finds and created a little too!
I do have to say that I was distracted by all the cute high heels all the ladies were wearing...sorta like the gladiator heels Jessica envy's at Macy's. Shoes I think are the toughest part of this project. I don't think people easily give away quality shoes.

As for my recipes, I am SOOO proud to say that I cooked 17 recipes in June!!! I felt like I was cooking soooo much though....I hope I didn't burn myself out! Well that leaves me with more recipes than I want to think about right now. Way more than Jessica's 54. Grrrr....

This is an Anthropologie inspired necklace I whipped up with a little this and a little that. I would like to applaud the creativity of my fellow gal pals out there (especially Rheanne, Marcella and Malia) Zippers and Yo Yo's are the way to go!

Oh and by the way....Who can guess what "the J's" new found love is?!?


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I can't say I didn't expect this but.....REALLY?!?! Did you have to use that picture?! I look awful, but at least Rheanne looks cute. I should have known by the evil grin on your face after you took those pictures that they would be bad! ;)
Now that I got that little tirade off my chest, I must say that the dinner you made for us was DELICIOUS!!!!
And...we all looked so "funky cute" at the convention! Great job, my crafty friends! (Malia, you've got to teach me how to make those yo-yo flowers!)
I'm sorry to say I don't know what your new found love is but I can't wait to find out!
I'm sorry to say I have no idea what your new found love is but I can't wait to find out!

Jessica said...

I'm a J and I don't even know what our new found love is.

Jessica said...

And also, when i saw you and Justine's cute outfits, I abandoned the plan to take pics of mine. Funky cute I was not. I was more like stay warm and comfortable and find a skirt that doesn't require spanx. That kind of funky cute isn't as fun to photograph.

Anonymous said...

Your convention outfits were so cute!!! All 3 J's find such cute clothes!

Oh and you should have cropped me out of that hair looks like a wig and I look pregnant! :-)

Juliana said...

Marcella, that was the best picture! Plus it really captured how much fun we were having!
Jess - I can't believe you didn't wear your spanx! And you did look so cute...especially with your new do!
Jaime...You look as cute as usual! To bad that picture doesn't show your super cute shoes!

Jessica said...

I lied. I did wear my spanx. I wear them every day. Even over jeans when the occasion calls for it.

Justine said...

Well Jes, I didn't take any pictures either! Basically my fashion goal for the convention (and in life in general) is to not look like a complete nerd. I don't think that attempt needs to be documented. I think Juli needs to start another blog. It needs to be Fashion and design tips, ideas etc. VOTE YES now!

bobby thomas said...

your convention outfits look really cool

the convention for this year was out standing