Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nice Jessica

So I'm not very good about letting surprises be surprises. If I've got a surprise for Zack I hint around and talk about it so much that he inevitably figures out what it is. If he's got something going on and I catch wind, I badger him until he gets angry and withholds the surprise until better behaviour ensues.

So keeping Zack's anniversary present tucked away for six months is a pretty big deal for me. I planned far in advance and purchased Zack a new wallet (from a friend who brought it back from Italy). I do have to admit the monetary transaction did occur in 2010...but the deal had been made late December 2009 so we determined it to be legit.

Zack surprised me with some new earrings; I'm not much of a jewelery girl but these are simple and clean and perfect for the girl who doesn't like to change out her earrings more than once a decade. It was a big surprise because he had just informed me the day before that he hadn't gotten me a gift, just a card and he said it so convincingly and with just the right amount of melancholy that I believed him. He also got me a book (his choice!) which you can see him purchasing in the below photo. I had to take a picture of us reading in the square and I wish you could see the cover of the book because it's just not the type of book I usually read; I feel like I should be signing up for a Star Wars convention or something, it's way sci-fi. And seeing us together reading side by side sci-fi is just too much. I kept waiting to be invited to the next LARP-ers event by some teenage trekkie.

This weekend I also found some sandals which brightened my outlook for the rest of the summer greatly. I'm still not convinced that they are the most flattering, but I think they'll do for now. They were brand new and just my size, so even if they're not perfect they had to come home with me.

We also slept in, saw Inception (great!), ate at Scopa's (words can't describe the yumminess), sat in the open air seating at the new lounge at the h2 hotel, went to the Airport and saw a man get hit in the head with a patio umbrella . This all happened with no children and it felt like the scene in Inception when the clock ticks real all just went too quickly.

Well, that was my weekend. How about everyone else?


Juliana said...

So how bout showing us those earings?!?!

threebodes said...

The sandals are super cute. And as far as the book goes...I thought the same thing as you when we listened to it 'on tape' but turned out to be an awesome read! Happy Anniversary!

Rachel said...

So when exactly is your anniversary? Ours is July 26th and the two days before (well almost a day and a half is more accurate) in Chico of all places. Never been there. Did most of the same things as you. Minus the observing of the umbrella hitting the guy in the head.

Happy Anniversary! Rachel

Jessica said...

Hey Rachel! Ours is the 26th too!
Happy anniversary to you too!

Jessica said...

And Jill, the next one in the series is called "Xenocide" and everytime I saw Zack reading it I said "Xenocide" in a real sarcastically creepy sci-fi way. And the next one is called "Children of the Mind" which I would also repeat in an annoying manner. Can you just imagine me reading "Xenocide" with a big battleship and shooting lasers on the cover??? It's just so funny :-)