Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello August...the 8th Month of the Jessica

Recipes cooked in July = 0
That's not a good thing. Gotta get back on it this month!

Shopping....I did buy a package of NEW rubber bands for Anya's hair. I really thought I'd stocked up for the year when I bought her hairbands at the end of the year in preparation for the project, but apparently I needed twice as many because they have all completely vanished from the face of the earth. I also bought saran wrap and aluminum foil...but I'm pretty sure the other J's are buying those this year too.

A very exciting day was when I got to go shopping with a gift card and I got to get
a new hamper for my clothes. That sounds SO boring, doesn't it??! Well, I have to say it was something that I've been wanting for probably about 4 months so I was pretty thrilled with my purchase. I (selfishly) like to wash my clothes on their own in a far more delicate manner than the rest of the households, and having my own hamper ensures that none of my clothes get tainted by being tossed in the same hamper with anyone else's.

I also had several events last month that easily could have used a new pair of shoes, but made do with what I had. At my parents anniversary party on Saturday I noticed that all of us J's were wearing thrifted or recently altered dresses. Good job J's! I know it was tough, but we've nearly gotten through all summer events without a major buying spree!

I have to admit that I ALMOST bought a new necklace last week. I had it at the counter and she had it rung up and I sat there and looked at it and did an inward "should I or shouldn't I" battle for about 3 minutes straight, until the lady at the counter said "....ummmm so are you going to get it or what?" and I reluctantly told her to take it off!

So that's my month....July was rough!

Hamper is the one in the back. This is the necklace I almost know what? I'm sure I can figure out how to make one similar. Or if not of my crafty sisters :-)

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