Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home Grown Love...by Juli

Guess what!?!? Hard work does pay off! I am reaping the benefits of my digging and watering and loving my veggie garden. There's nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when you eat veggies that are farm fresh from your backyard. Slicing into a warm tomato...mmmmm.

Did I mention that I have a big fat black thumb?!?! Just ask Charity (our lovely neighbor), she peeked at my strawberry plants that are now brown and needless to say... dead, and asked "What happened? If you needed someone to water them I would have." But Troup Girl Syndrome (aka TGS) set it in...you know, "Oh I am obsessed with strawberries...3 months later... Eh, they weren't growing fast enough, and I get bored watering them...I think I will just let them tough it out themselves."
Sorry strawberry patch, maybe next year.

Well, there are some survivors in the garden and you know what the best part is? I heard that after your tomato plants are established you shouldn't water them anymore! Isn't that the best plant ever for TGS?!?

For all those tomato lovers out there, if the sun ever shines I will have tomato's coming out of my ears...so let me know if you want some!!!


Jessica said...

How did we end up like that? I really really wish I had a green thumb.

bobby thomas said...

Hmm i have the same problem with grow stuff tgs troup guy sysdrome hmm must be a troup at heart

Justine said...

Your flower is beautiful!!!

Jessica said...

I want tomatoes.