Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Numero tres...by Juli

I made 3 recipes in July, thats right uno, dos, tres. Pretty pathetic huh?!? It was near the beginning of the month when a group of boy's including the hubster went fishing near Salt Point. I thought it would be great to have fish taco's with some new accompaniments.
They (all 3) were disgusting...
in other words gross, detestable, trash worthy. I would like to say, "Sorry" to my guests that night. Please stay my friends and I promise to make something better next time.

This was one of the 3 recipes. Looks prettier than it tasted.

As for buying new....I already confessed, Ok? Must I remind you about the bike basket?!? Well i think that's all I bought new. Did I mention I made a basket liner for my bike? Pictures to come.

But I did get some great thrift finds!

Check out these brand new Aldo tie up wood wedges! 
Now I just have to figure out how to walk in them!

When I get my camera back (being held hostage in Trin's backpack) I will share some pictures of Mom and Dad's Anniversary Party that featured some homemade decorations. 

FYI - Lola needs to go on a diet.....he he he he!

See ya later!!!


Jessica said...

THOSE PICTURES ARE HILARIOUS! The shoe one looks creepy!

Juliana said...

I had to be creative cuz trin has my camera. I never laugh as hard as I do when I play with the photo booth!

Amanda said...

You just spoke to my heart, Aldo is my FAVORITE shoe place of all time : ) Glad you found a pair of not-new ones ; )

Juliana said...

The funniest part was holding my leg up high enough to get a picture of the shoes...in a skirt.

Kayla said...