Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spinach Pie & Crunchy Herb Roasted Fish....by Jessica

So who would of ever thought this would happen?? Ian loved the spinach pie (well, LOVE might be a strong word) and the herb crusted fish...and Anya hated them! They were both all right dishes; it was a good kick-start to the month.

The poor kids have been missing their mom's cooking. Zack makes a delicious Mexican red sauce which we've had paired with boiled chicken...ummm A LOT....since I've been getting home late from work and he's been having to do dinner duty a couple of times a week. I'm not complaining AT ALL, mind you...but last night my poor children spoke to me with their eyes which said "oh mom, red sauce chicken again" and I spoke back silently saying "i know, i know...we will have rice one day again soon".

I also realized because of his dinner cooking nights that I've got some quirky little pet peeves. Because of these pet peeves it makes it difficult for me to relax while he's cooking dinner. Although I'm not relaxed, I do have to say that I'm very grateful. With that said, here are my quirky complaints.

Rice on the floor - I've been traumatized by rice stuck on my socks. If rice falls on the floor, everything else must stop and every rice kernel must be picked up. If I step on a rice bit, it's all over with.

Hamburger meat in spaghetti or tacos MUST be uniformly broken up - I think my mom was pretty quirky about his too. I can't stand big chunks of hamburger left with little bits of hamburger....ugh, let's just make the pan uniform okay?

Counters must be wiped thoroughly clean BEFORE and DURING cooking - that also means that whatever dirty dishes you've acquired during cooking needs to be put in the sink. There's nothing that makes me more nervous than coming into a cooking scene and seeing dirty spoons hanging out on the counter. And it's funny coming from me, because I wouldn't say I've got the worlds sparkliest kitchen.

Items on the plate - the other night Zack made dinner and said "I know that you'll probably not like that there aren't three things on your plate". I pretended to be nonchalant "what are you talking about?" but I knew. This is another thing that I think stems from my mother. You can't just have rice & chicken, there's got to be something else. And it's not like I'm saying it because you must have your veggies every night....the plate just doesn't seem right unless there is three things on it.

Poor Zack. He's so helpful and ends up with the micro-managing kitchen nazi. I'm sure this post makes him really happy to relinquish his dinner nights and get back to a normal routine of me staking out my territory in the kitchen...which he happily will stay out of.


Anonymous said...

You're so funny! Hmm...a little kitchen OCD? :)

Juliana said...

Too funny! I am Kitchen along with everything else OCD. And I agree there must be a meat/main course, a starch, and a veggie of some sort. and If the veggie is made in a fattening way, there must be a healthy veggie too. My other thing is that every dirty dish must go in the sink...which Kit hates....cuz he does the dishes!

Jessica said...

uh-oh, I've got OCD don't I? I also realized I could write a post about every other "quirky pet peeves" I have in many other aspects of my life! Scary!

Tristan said...

AHH! Rice on sock is the worst! I get in a tough position when im in the kitchen though.
1.Im not going to walk barefoot on a kitchen floor.
2. Wearing socks means, rice IN socks.
3.I would like to wear shoes in the kitchen, but shoe inside the house is forbidden.

I agree with the 3 items or more rule too! We must have had very consistent eating routines growing up. I also have OCD when it comes to equal portions of food, especially anything that is sprinkled on top of something, and finally items CANNOT touch.

Whats wrong with us?!

Jessica said...

Oh yeah I've definitely got the evenly sprinkled issue also. I have to put nori on in a very particular way. Flatten rice, wait til it cools, sprinkle evenly.
Trin, why don't you get a pair of inside slippers/shoes?

Juliana said...

I love to smash down my rice so you have more surface area for nori...and then sometimes (always) I accidentally sprinkle a little too much nori...oops:)