Thursday, August 12, 2010

Parmesan Crusted Chicken & Peach Upside-Down Syrup Cakes

This parmesan chicken dish was one of those amazing dishes that probably took Ms. Hay a LONG time to create, test and write in her cookbook. For one thing, it's got four ingredients: chicken, egg whites, parmesan cheese and black pepper. Do we need a recipe for this? Anyhow, it was tasty and my kids liked it.

The Peach Upside -Down Syrup Cakes on the other hand were slightly challenging to make and used some different ingredients and techniques! The original recipe called for apricots and hazelnut meal but I used peaches (since they decided to drop this week) and almond meal since that was available at Trader Joe's. Any dessert that calls for a brown sugar, butter caramel sauce is okay by me!

I finally got my camera back and you know what? All my pictures have been erased. You know why?
"Cause there wasn't enough room on the memory card when I was taking pictures of me jumping off the couch."
"You erased ALL of them? Even the ones at the Aloha Festival this weekend?"
"Yeah. Why? Did you want them for something?"



Anonymous said...

That's awful! I totally know how you feel. Last week I recorded David Letterman becuase Harry Connick Jr. was going to be on it and my mom "accidentally deleted it"!!!!!!! It's going to take me a long time to let that one go. seriously I was NOT happy.
Marcella ;)
p.s. That cake looks delicious! Can't go wrong with brown sugar, especially in caramel sauce!

Jessica said...

Hmmm, I bet someone else out there has to have that recorded! :-)