Monday, September 13, 2010

10 for 1 Jessica

Yes, yes I know that I should be focusing on some other aspects of the project (ahem, cookbook)....but this sounded so fun I just had to join. Basically, choose 10 items to wear for the week...including shoes! Read here for more details: 10 Items for 1 Week Challenge

So to make this geared a little bit more towards our project, I decided to choose 10 items that I got from the thrift or the clothing swap. So here goes, here's my final list:

(1)James Cured Jeans -thrifted (2)GAP Black Pants -thrifted (3)J Crew Skirt -thrifted (4)Brown & Orange DKNY Skirt -thrifted (5)White Pins & Needles Tee -thrifted (6)Black Deletta Tee-swap (7)Green Mango Top -thrifted (8)Forever 21 Grey Top -thrifted (9)Kenneth Cole Black ankle strap shoes -thrifted (10)Jessica Simpson Black flats -swap.

Here's the first outfit of the week. I just asked Ian if the picture looked okay and he said "how will they know it's you?" Yes, my head is cut off. Tomorrow I will ask for help.


Justine said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your outfits. If I did it, my 10 items would be: Jeans, Black Workout pants, black workout pants with white stripe, black cropped workout pants, white t-shirt, black t-shirt, brown tank top, grey tank top, turquoise sweatshirt, cream sweater. and that's why I skipped out on this challenge.

Juliana said...

Good choices! We picked the same shoes!

bobby thomas said...

Looking for word to seeing ur outfits and seeing u guys at the assembly

Ohh........ justine would like to see u put some cool suff together