Monday, September 13, 2010

Juli's 10 for of course Juli

So Jess has already given you the run down...but as if we could torture ourselves anymore, we have a special week long project. It's called a shopping or closet diet.

Basically you have a really REALLY slimmed down wardrobe. We (Jess & I) are going to make a variety of outfits out of 8 pieces of clothing and 2 pairs of shoes. GULP.....

Here are 10 my items:
1. Level 99 Jeans (thrifted)
2. Marc Jacobs white shirt (thrifted)
3. Made greenish long knit shirt (thrifted)
4. Banana Republic black skirt (thrifted)
5. Banana Republic striped skirt (thrifted)
6. H & M black shirt (swap)
7. Old Navy black tank (thrifted)
8. Banana Republic green cardigan
( Friday 2008)
9. Jessica Simpson black flats
(New...summer 2009...chewed by Lola summer 2009)
10. Kenneth Cole black patent leather cork wedges
(New.... so so long ago in a galaxy far, far way)

And here's what Day 1 looked like:

4 out of 10 items used


Jessica said...

Black Heels, Black Flats. All a girl needs, right? (well no, because I really debated about a pair of boots because they can really change an outfit...but it's still pretty hot outside).

bobby thomas said...

Looks good julie looking for word to ur post & seeing ur outfits for the assmebly