Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beach Jessica

I do have to say that spontaneity isn't one of my strong suits. There isn't anything that makes me crazier than waiting for the days plans to be made (because plans should have been made the night before!). I'm like an annoying child who sits there and says "what are we going to do today? what are we going to do today?" over and over again until finally we're out the door doing the day. So I exercised self-control and tried to just let the day be the day on monday. First, we ate breakfast outside and let the kids jump in the pool in their pajamas. (Definitely against a non-spontaneous persons nature to let this happen).

We then decided to drive to the coast for a hike. (Even though the un-spontaneous person in the family thought it would be too crowded). It was perfect weather, saw a million whales "sprouting", hiked along the cliffs and played in the water. And even found a parking spot lickety-split. A perfect day at the beach can't be planned (or so I've been told).

Hiking rules are being adopted and formulated the more we hike together.
Rule #1 - Everyone needs their own space. It's a big trail; we don't all have to be under each others feet. That includes holding hands. Arms must swing freely.
Rule #2 - Snacks & Drinks must be distributed often.
Rule #3 - When you've hiked for 30 minutes and you've gone less than a mile - you've got a problem.
Rule #4 - If you fall on the ground in the middle of the trail and say you are too tired/thirsty/sweaty/hungry to go any further...that is ok. We will keep going and see you at the end of the trail. Have fun catching up.

And I spent the day looking like this because I can't find any of my sunglasses and I can't go buy any new ones.


Juliana said...

Funny! I am like that with Kit too. "So what are we going to do now?" He tells me I need to just learn how to true. Also my glasses are so scratched that I can't even see through them. All I keep thinking about are those Dolce and Gabana glasses at Macy's...hint hint mom. Just Kidding!!!!!!

Jessica said...

What's wrong with us? Why can't we relax? It's gotten even worse now that we turned off the cable. I wander the house like a caged animal sometimes.

bobby thomas said...

Lol jessica love ur rules for hiking. Hope u find a
way to relax

Emily Frame said...

so impressive. a whole year? i told my husband & i probably shouldn't have. i'd love to see what you come up with!

3stinkyboysmom said...

Maybe even a scratched pair from Goodies would be better than none? or could Anya spare a pair? Parents who let their kids do crazy things like the pj jump ROCK! I'm sure they have a newfound admiration for mom & dad.