Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ruminations of the Jessica

Thank you, whoever taught my kids Racket Smack-it. It kept them busy the whole time I jogged 2 miles around the track ("jogged" might be an optimistic word to use...trudged, maybe?)

Also thanks Zack for teaching me how to use the Zune so I could zone out while "jogging" the track. I don't like new gadget instructions so I have been avoiding the Zune. It's not complicated, I know....I just don't like to learn new gadgets. I hate the treadmill partly because I can't figure out how to turn on the tv in there. Zack will hate to hear me admit it but it's true. Input/output, HDMI Settings, sign in/sign out....aaaaghh! it makes me so frustrated that I just won't turn it on. So thank you Zack for patiently teaching me the Zune. Again. And then once more again.

Another reason why I resisted the Zune was because I don't like the fact that I can't hear what's going on around me. If I've got the kids and they are off playing, I don't like that I can't hear them if they call for me. I told Zack that I didn't like to bring them to the track because "if something goes wrong, I will be a quarter mile away from them". My reasoning =Because it takes four times around the track to go a mile. He looked at me like "whoa, what?" then said "well, it's not like you have to stay ON the track and go back the way you came for a quarter of a can cut across the track to get to them so they might just be like 10 feet away from you."
Oh yeah. Right. Ahem.
Okay let's change the subject now.

Guess what we had for lunch?

Yep, you guessed it. BLT's. Or BLAT if you're Anya and BLA if you're Ian.
I added onions to mine so I had a BLOAT.

Laugh people. You know that's funny.

And to keep this post slightly on Project Topic, here's a pic of a sweater I found at the Goodwill. $3.99 'Nuff said.


Juliana said...

I love that you are using my tomatoes! Also I need to come join you at the track sometime...I have my own BLOAT going on :)

Jeni Perkins said...

This post made me laugh! Especially when I got to BLOAT :) Your blog always brings a smile to my face! I'd love to join you on the track too!

Jessica said...

Jeni, I'm thinking about going to the track right after Anya gets out of school if you ever want to go with me. The only thing that will deter me is if the HS football team starts practicing. That's always awkward.

3stinkyboysmom said...

I'm thinking what a great incentive to shed some of the extra....posting pics of yourself (in 'wise buys', of course)for others to see. You look great Jess!