Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Ninth month of the Jessica

Can you believe it? We are already in the month of September! And finally we start getting some produce from our gardens (I use the term "our gardens" loosely, as I am just a "another persons garden gleaner"). And thanks to all who are contributing to my gleaning...there is nothing that says summer than a sweet tomato from the garden.

Last month was another not so great on the recipe completion month. I only cooked 5 recipes! Wow, I need to get cracking.

I did buy something new....but it was handmade on etsy and I do believe that falls in the "approved purchase" category so I think I'm still doing okay. I did buy someone a present and it's sitting in my living room calling my name... I am having such severe "zojirushi" envy. I need to hurry up and wrap it before it migrates on to my own kitchen counter. >>Sigh<<

I guess I will just have to keep making new food discoveries to satisfy my buying new desire. Today I made an exciting discovery. Whenever I have eaten at a dim sum restaurant there is a little tub of savory deliciousness that I have not been able to locate...until today! I saw it, and I wasn't sure because it was a product from Thailand...I always was searching in the Chinese area. Anyhow it's a chili paste with soya bean oil and it is quite tasty. The ingredients are: Shrimp, Fish, Soya bean, Coriander & Cumin. Sounds pretty potent, doesn't it? Let me tell is. I got some on my fingers a second ago when I ran downstairs to pull the ingredient list and I just had to go scrub my fingers. And they still sort of smell like fish. But it tastes AWESOME! Go get some for won't be disappointed, I promise!


bobby thomas said...

" I need to hurry up and wrap it before it migrates on to my own kitchen counter"

i hat that when it happens

Jessica said...

yes, it's hard to give up a present that you want for yourself :-)