Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some random wedding Jessica

So my camera got monopolized by a little boy at the wedding, so the pictures I got aren't really...what's the word?...pretty. But they are amusing and fun to look at in a psychedelic sort of way. One of my favorite things I saw that night was Ian & Malia dancing together. I think there will be a time when the dancing together at parties will end...but for now it was cute to see them cha cha-ing and swing dancing together. Juli's got some nice pictures on her camera, but her camera is at MY house without the cord, so until she gets her camera back and can share some pretty pics, I'll share the crazy ones I've got (plus a pretty sneak peek picture of Anya in her handmade flower girl dress - lovingly made by the little J).


bobby thomas said...

Looks like u had a lot of fun. Is this mikey & sam wedding

3stinkyboysmom said...

How sweet of Ian to dance with his sweet!

Kelly said...

Beautiful bride and groom...Your family is getting bigger and bigger...Much Love to you all :)