Sunday, October 31, 2010

Local Filming Jessica

Okay, I know this is all getting old. So just bear with us for a few more days, until finally our 15 minutes of fame is fully over and we're back to just trying to finish our cookbooks and talking about our thrift store finds.

Two days before we left for New York, the Nate show sent out a film crew to film us with our three friends with whom we were "helping" shop in their own closet. It took a LOT of organization and planning to arrive at this point, but when the day came and I relaxed a little, it really was quite enjoyable.

Meet Robyn (boss of the day and director of the shoot), Allen (camera-man) and Richard (sound guy).

They made us do a bunch of stuff, like tape microphones to ourselves, practice our lines and do some cheesy high fives and all with "HIGH ENERGY LADIES". Anyone who knows us knows we're not real high five kinda girls, so it all felt weird and staged, but when we saw the bit that they compiled from our day of filming, it really was worth it to just follow the directions of someone who knows what they're doing.

This day was probably the most enjoyable part for me of this whole experience. And it was funny to see the neighbors peeking out the window at the three crazy girls high fiving each other.

I'm going to wrap this post up with an update on my cookbook. 37 recipes left to go. Nate through a kink in the cooking for the past few weeks. Really have to get on it.

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