Thursday, October 28, 2010

I left my heart in NY Juli

As Julie Andrew says,"...these are a few of my favorite things.."

Brooklyn Flea Market

Jewelry made out of old vinyl records...see more here

I am still dreaming of my Porchetta Sandwich ($5)
smell and taste here

I love love loved these bangles, but I have to say I got scolded for taking this picture and I really didn't like getting in trouble for admiring someone's talent....
so there is no link to them.
Ok, I feel's the link

I also really like this wood jewelry...try on here
I also coveted these ceramic mason jars here

The Met

These beauties jumped out at me and made me stop
in my tracks and soak them in. I got so close I even set
off the alarm...see what amazing art can do to you!

This woman sitting here gave us an instant flash of Madeleine Elster staring at Carlotta Valdez in the Troup family favorite...VERTIGO...

Oooh I just got a chill thinking about it!

This was our hotel The Lucerne thanks to Mr. Nate!

Thank you New York! You were kind and generous to us!
Your streets were way cleaner than we expected and
everyone was super nice!

We braved your subways...even though we went in the out on accident and skipped a fare. Oops!

Krissy fulfilled a life long dream of hailing a cab....

We made some beary good friends :)

All though Gray's Papaya gave us all the the bronx...if you know what I mean

Don't we look so cute in Central Park?!?!

Goodbye New York.
Love, Juli

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