Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Middle J goes to San Jessica

Before going any further in my life, I had to get sunglasses. I made Zack stop at the thrift on the way to the airport, convinced him that I would look at nothing but sunglasses, ran in, bought a pair of the most scratched up, crooked, dilapidated sunglasses you ever did see, cleaned them up and wore them all week long. Sunglasses are HIGH on the list of must-buys for next year.

Here's a little tourist tip that everyone can use. Want to go to the San Diego Zoo and not have to deal with ANY crowds? Want front row seating at every single exhibit? Just go when it's raining! Guaranteed crowd reducer. Which is great because my ochlophobia (fear of crowds) flares up in places like that. I don't think it's ochlophobia that I have though. What is it called when you fear a big family walking towards you with a huge double stroller, each of the handles loaded down with obtrusive diaper & shopping bags, the bouncing six or seven toddlers are carrying lollipops or popsicles and have sticky stuff running down their face and dripping off their elbows and the dad is holding the map upside down yelling at everyone to follow him. What kind of phobia is that? I don't know what it's called but when I see that coming I make myself disappear against the nearest wall and close my eyes until it's passed.

Seriously though, we had a great time at the zoo and saw some really neat stuff and it only rained on us for about 10 minutes.

This last picture really reinforced that I do need to get my haircut more often, that more is required than just brushing it daily; I look like I belong in one of the animal cages. Also, though the Diesel vest is very cute, I wish I'd found it in a size medium so I could have buttoned it. I guess you can't be too picky when it's found at the thrift!

This one is for Justine, this monkey was carrying it's little baby.

And the impending end of the year and 40 recipes left is looming upon me so I finished the weekend up at home with two recipes; Tomato, Spinach and Crisp Prosciutto Soup and Veal Cutlets with Tomato Pan Sauce (must admit we used beef though). Both easy and tasty recipes.


Juliana said...

Hey Jess! At Platos closet they have Betsey Johnson and Dolce and Gabana sunglasses! $12 a pair!!!!

Justine said...

no legoland pictures? - Malia

Jessica said...

Tell M we will show her the Legoland pics the next time we see her :-)

Juliana said...

I think it is called OCD. (posted by Kit)

Anonymous said...

hay Jessica Did you go see the Tiger & Butterfly exhibits. i have not been there in a
long time. i was a teen

your Friend Bobby

Jessica said...

We saw the tigers...but I didn't see any butterflys. They probably didn't want to get rained on.